Laminator Direct by Laminators Specialties, Inc. offers a full line of premium laminators, and lamination film supplies for commercial, government, school and personal use. Purchase a laminating machine to protect photos, ID badges, documents, maps, posters, and more! Laminators Specialties' laminators are made from high-quality materials, creating a premium product. If you are looking for a laminator, film, or pouches, Laminator Direct has the product for you. Find the laminator that is right for you! Call Laminators Specialties toll-free at 951-225-4180 or contact us through email.


Roll Laminator

Pouch Laminators

Laminators Specialties, Roll Laminators are made in America

Roll laminators are designed for a variety of applications including high volume lamination and large document lamination.. These laminators are used to laminate maps, posters, banners, and other educational materials. Schools use roll laminators to laminate a variety of products.

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Laminators Specialties, Laminate Sheets are made in America

Are you looking for a pouch laminator? Laminators Specialties carries heavy duty pouch laminators and badge laminators. These high quality laminators are designed to laminate a variety of products including badges and posters. Schools use pouch laminators for creating badges.

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Roll Laminator - Hot or Cold - Any Size Film:

Roll laminatorIf you are looking for a roll laminator that will create clear, hard surfaced documents or a matte-finished photo, Laminators Specialties, has a line of school laminators, wide laminators, and hot/cold laminators to meet your needs. These high quality products are made in America. All Laminators Specialties, Laminators include a 1 year warranty.

Custom Laminator

Roll laminatorDo you need a Custom Laminator? Laminators Specialties, can custom-create a laminator that is perfect for your needs. A custom laminator is made from the same high quality materials found in all Laminators Specialties. Order a custom roll or pouch laminator. Click here or call 951-225-4180 to contact Laminators Specialties for a free quote today!

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